Men’s League Make-up Games

The following games have been scheduled for this upcoming week:

Tuesday September 1st
6:30 F-1 Legends/Emmanuel
6:30 F-2 Otterbein/ Hag. Christian
6:30 F-3 Hub City/ St Joes
8 pm F-1 Legends/Emmanuel
8 pm F-2 Tri State/ St James

Thursday September 3rd
6:30 F-1 Hag Christian/Lifehouse
6:30 F-2 Gateway/ Legends
6:30 F-3 Hub City/ Tri State
8 pm F-1 Gateway/ Hag Christian
8 pm F-2 Lifehouse/ Legends

Softball is Back!!!

Games will start next week (June 15th-19th).

12 game season for Co-Ed and 14 game season for Men’s league.

Week 1 Schedule

End of year Tournament is still planned for August 29th

Rosters are due by first game (this includes rosters for merged teams as well).

Teams will need to comply with the new jersey rule by July 20th. If jerseys are being ordered for new players/teams, please have everyone in similar colored jerseys. All jerseys must have the church name on the front and a non-duplicate number on the back. If you have questions or feel your team won’t be able to comply please contact Ray Istenes [301-573-4991].

Costs for the league year are still being determined. Each team will need to provide $350 in start money until the budget can be finalized. This is for balls, umpire fees, sanctioning, etc. This money ($350) is due no later than the end of next week (19-June).

Church attendance is still required to play this season. The requirement for 2 church services/activities per month is still a requirement. Online services count for churches still in quarantine.

Social Distancing rules apply at the field. Follow rules posted at Fairgrounds to keep families and friends safe. Facemasks NOT required.

COVID-19 Q/A for Players & Coaches

Dear Ministry Leaders and Players;

By now we would all typically be starting to practice, scrimmage, and get our teams ready for another season of softball at Fairgrounds Park.  That is obviously on hold now due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing.  The HACSL Board has been discussing how to handle the season once we get the go ahead from the Governor and City to have groups at the park.  We need your help to get up and running. 

As ministry leaders, have contact with your teams NOW and pass along the information below.  Text, call, e-mail your players to see who is playing this year and start putting your roster together and discuss the league fees.  Rosters are due before regular season games start.  The Roster From and Merging Church Roster forms are attached.  These PDF’s can be modified and sent to your pastors for signature.  The by-law/rules books for Men’s league and Co-Ed are attached along with the 2020 league budget/fees. 

Below is a short Q&A concerning our current plan moving forward:

Q: What else can Ministry Leaders do?

All Ministry Leaders must fill out a coaches information sheet.  This is required for USA Softball Sanctioning.  Use the link below to Register.

Q:  How soon can practices/scrimmages start and how many will each team have?

Practices can start within a few days of groups being allowed to use the parks (Groups over 10).  The current plan is for 3 weeks of practices and scrimmages before regular season games begin.  The opening tournament will occur following the 3 weeks of practices.  Teams will need to let the Board know the first week of practices if they will play in the tournament.

Q: How do we handle church attendance?

Two services/church activities will be required by the end of May to play going forward.

Q:  How do we handle the new uniform rule?

Please read the updated uniform rule in the league by-laws.  This should only affect a few teams.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ray Istenes (301-573-4991). 

Q: How many games will be played this year?

Our plan is play a typical schedule but this will depend on when we can start.  It may also require Friday night games and additional double headers.

Q: How will this affect league fee’s?

League costs don’t change and the fees will remain the same.  Be prepared to collect fees from your players at the 1st practice.  Fee’s will be reduced/refunded if an abbreviated schedule is needed. 

Q:  When is the end of the year tournament?

Tentatively we are moving the tournament from August 15th to the 29th. This gives two additional weeks for regular season games.

Q:  What about the golf tournament?

This has been postponed util the Fall.

Q: What about the league picnic?

We would still like to have a picnic but cannot select a date at this time.  If anyone is willing (either a ministry leader or one of your players) to help organize the picnic please contact Mike.

If you have any questions/concerns please contact a board member to discuss (Mike Kelbaugh, Dave Schofield, Pat Bishop, Greg Wright, Ray Istenes, and Lori Sines). 

Please continue to pray those around you who are affected by the current situation.

God Bless,


2020 Season Information (COVID-19)

Dear Ministry Leaders and Players;

The HACSL board hopes that this e-mail finds you safe and well during these trying times. 

Please forward the information below(original e-mail from March is below) to your players (even players on other teams if you have their contact information). 

We do not have an estimated start date for scrimmage games or our season at this time. 

However, we need your help to limit the time it takes to get the season started. 

We have estimated it will take 3 weeks to start the season once given the go ahead.  We may be able shorten this with your help. 

Please do the following ASAP if you have not already done so:

  1. Reach out to your teams and find out who is playing (e-mail, text, call, homing pigeon, etc. reach out to your teams)
  2. If due to the current situation you won’t be able to field a team this year LET MIKE KNOW ASAP (we may be able to help with a merger)
  3. We must know teams what will be playing to have a schedule (and start a season).

2019 HACSL Co-Ed & Men’s Fall Ball League

Games run Week of September 9th – October 21st.
Church Co-Ed – Monday Nights (rainouts Wednesday nights)
Church Men’s – Tuesday Nights (rainouts Wednesday nights)

$550 per team. Must be paid IN FULL by September 5th.
Player Eligibility – Must have played in ANY Church sanctioned softball league this past season.

Please contact Mike Kelbaugh for registration.